Company owned warehouse

(1) Osaka Warehouse

We constructed our own warehouse in Japan in 2018.
The warehouse is used to control inventory so that it can be delivered on a just-in-time basis to customers, and to sort and control recycled raw materials collected from customers. The warehouse has an established system that supports the stable supply of both products and recycled raw materials.

Company owned warehouse 外観
Company owned warehouse 内観

(2) Bonded warehouses (overseas subsidiaries)

Bonded warehouses established in the foreign countries in which we do business enable us to contribute to the convenience and cost reduction of customer’s overseas factories.

  • Capable of storing imported products in the destination country without any payment of duties and quickly deliver them in minimum lot sizes as necessary.
  • All the imported products being in one place reduces the customer’s logistics costs and load of control work.

◆An example of services of OHGITANI (Thailand) (Similar services provided at other bases as well)

Bonded warehouses 物流フロー図

1. A customer’s overseas factory places an order with OHGITANI (Thailand).

2. OHGITANI (Thailand) places an order with a supplier directly or through OHGITANI’s headquarters

3. The supplier transports the goods to the bonded warehouse in Thailand directly or through OHGITANI’s headquarters

4. On arrival, OHGITANI (Thailand) delivers the products in the necessary quantity in accordance with the directions provided by the customer’s overseas factory.

5. Payment is made to OHGITANI (Thailand) in accordance with the payment conditions.

Regular global transportation service

1. Regular transportation service of metal materials

We ship Japan-made high-performance materials by consolidating them into containers in our name every week, which enables us to transport several small quantities of items as a lump-sum.
And even if we don’t have a subsidiary in your destination country, we can still deliver the goods to your factory in that country.
We may consider an inventory control service using one of our local warehouses, depending on the quantity of your goods.

2. Regular hazardous materials transportation service

We transport hydrocarbon-based cleaning solvents (UN CLASS 3) in containers (80 drums/20ft) on a regular basis.
Use of our overseas local subsidiaries can reduce the cost of transporting small amounts of hazardous materials, including inflammable liquids.
Please feel free to contact us if you wish to ship anything that cannot be transported in containers as general cargo.

Main hazardous materials:oil-based lubricants, rust preventive oils, grinding oils, etc.