Handling of personal information

OHGITANI Corporation (hereinafter the “Company”) shall comply with the Personal Information Protection Act and all laws and rules related thereto, recognize that any personal information provided by customers when making inquiries is very important, take the appropriate extra care with the handling of it, and manage and deal with it in the following manner:

Objectives of use of personal information

Personal information provided to the Company is used for the objectives below:

  1. In the provision of products and services by the Company.
  2. In preparing statistical data
  3. In any work related or incidental to the work described above.

Provision of personal information

The Company shall never disclose to or provide any third party with any personal information provided by customers, unless prior agreed to by the customer or required under any relevant laws or rules.
(Excluding any statistical data through which the sender cannot be identified)

Disclosure, correction, nonuse, etc. of registered information

If a customer requests the Company to disclose, correct, not use, delete or otherwise any information provided by him/her, then after having verified his/her identity, and unless the Company has a special reason to not do so, it shall promptly respond to that request. All such requests should be sent by post to the Customer Service at the following address:

Customer Service regarding personal information

Contact General Affairs Team of OHGITANI Corporation
Address Higobashi-Shimizu Bldg., 3-7, Tosabori 1-chome, Nishi-ku, Osaka, 550-0001
Tel +81-6-6444-1521