Year of foundation: 1979; 
 Number of employees: 4(including one Japanese employee)

OHGITANI (H.K.) has a history of more than 40 years and, since its foundation, has been a supplier of materials as well as a provider of stable services with respect to recovering recycled raw materials from users.
The advantage of the free port system specific to Hong Kong is used in serving as an intermediate in international trading between China and Japan.
By focusing on the 3Ss: Strips & Scrap & Stock, it aims to provide the utmost service to customers.

Room 1104, Phase 1, Austin Tower, 22-26A Austin Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, HONG KONG

Business outline

Two bonded warehouses in the Chinese region enable OHGITANI (H.K.) to guarantee safe levels of stock and realize just-in-time responses to customers.
Recycling of copper-based scrap, aluminum scrap and precious metal scrap at domestic prices and bonded business.
Recycling of scrap substrates and defective electronic components.
Import agency and retailor of industrial cleaning solvents and chemical products.

Material [Strips] Copper alloys; aluminum; stainless steel
[Bars] Copper alloys; aluminum; stainless steel
Recycled raw materials Nonferrous metal scrap; precious metal-containing scrap
Environment-related products Hydrocarbon-based cleaning system; hydrocarbon-based cleaning solvents

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