Year of foundation: 2007; 
 Number of employees: eight (including one Japanese employee)

OHGITANI(SHANGHAI) can make recommendations to customers in Japan and anyone advancing into the Chinese market on suitable copper rolling mill manufacturers for the respective application of their products. In addition, it can develop new local suppliers of a wide variety of metal products from components of industrial products through to stationary, and coordinate business matters between suppliers and customers.

It can also offer optimal conditions by taking advantage of its wide sales network with respect to the purchase of recycled metal materials. OHGITANI(SHANGHAI) can also be consulted about removing oil from press-worked metal materials.

Business outline
Nonferrous metal products Various nonferrous metal products such as copper, nickel or stainless steel-based materials
Nonferrous metals Recycled raw materials Copper, nickel, cobalt, tin, tungsten, metals for precious metal plating, etc.
Environment-related products Hydrocarbon-based cleaning systems, hydrocarbon-based cleaning solvents, etc.

Room 603, Antai Tower, No.107 Zunyi Road, Shanghai, CHINA


Year of foundation: 2023 Area: 450m2

The Kunshan Branch is a branch office specializing in the scrap metal business. The warehouse that was in Qingpu District, Shanghai was moved here in response to the Chinese environmental regulations that will become increasingly strict in the future.
In addition, after registering as a branch office in order to conduct business, the branch applied to the Kunshan Public Security Bureau and obtained a Special Industry Directory Management Certificate.
This will enable the branch to conduct business even more smoothly than before.

1st Floor, Room 3, Building 4, Lide Enterprise Home, Huaqiao Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, CHINA

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