Year of foundation: 2008; 
 Number of employees; 12(including one Japanese employee)

OHGITANI (SHENZHEN) has been developing its business in the Southern China Economic Zone for about 20 years now, and aggressively expanding its network, which mainly consists of Japanese users. It ensures that optimal materials are proposed, warehouse operations are streamlined, and scrap has value-added features. The base in the innovative city of Shenzhen will allow it to survive alongside its customers by fully utilizing information obtained from both Japan and China.

Room No.1702B, China Resources Building, NO.5001, Shennan Road East, Shenzhen, P.R.C. Postcode: 518000

Business outline

OHGITANI (SHENZHEN) can make proposals on a wide variety of rolled copper products made-in-Japan or China according to user needs. Orders are accepted for even small amounts of aluminum or stainless steel strips, bars, and pipes. It deals in production machine and raw materials for Li-ion Battery.
It has achieved just-in-time deliveries to users via use of three warehouses in the Southern China Economic Zone. It purchases copper-based scrap, aluminum scrap and precious metal scrap at domestic prices and bonded business.

Product lineup and services

  • Copper alloy strips, aluminum strips and stainless steel strips
  • Copper alloy bars, aluminum bars and stainless steel bars
  • Copper foils and aluminum foils
  • Precision pumps, valves, bearings and machined parts
  • Hydrocarbon-based cleaning machine and hydrocarbon-based cleaning solvents
  • Recycling of scrap

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