Year of foundation: 1973; 
 Number of employees: 28(including 3 Japanese employees)

Ohgitani Singapore , with its experience and knowhow accumulated for a number of years as the first overseas base of OHGITANI Group, is involved in collection of recycling raw materials not only from Singapore but also neighboring countries, mechanically sorting them for ensuring stable supply and customers’ satisfaction, thereby contributing to the creation of the more recycling-oriented society. Besides the above, it is also its mission to take the responsibility for supplying/delivering metal and other products to the customers by just-in-time .

Singapore OHGITANI in doing business even in Pulau Batam, Indonesia, and Johor State, Malaysia, back-upped by the advantage of Singapore’s highly open economy. It aims to fulfill the potential of its new functions, while still observing its traditional ones and is operating with full of consideration on the environment from a global perspective, even acquiring ISO 14001 certification in 2001.

No.5, Tuas Avenue 6, Jurong, SINGAPORE 639295

Business outline

Metal products Import and sale of Cu alloys, Ni alloys, brass, nickel silver and strips for semiconductors and connectors; warehousing and sale of copper powder for powder metallurgy and other subsidiary materials
Recycled nonferrous raw materials Collection – processing (grinding/sorting) – repacking – warehousing and storage – shipment; recovery and processing precious metals
Environment related products Hydrocarbon-based cleaning systems, hydrocarbon-based cleaning solvents, water purification systems, ion-exchange resins, clean rooms, etc.

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