What is involved in the metal ingot business?

Selling metal ingots has been our core business since first being established. We provide customers in a number of fields with products they use as primary materials in thereby supporting a variety of industries.
Base metals, including zinc, lead and copper, are frequently used in various fields, e.g. the automotive, civil engineering, construction, precision machinery, electronic and electrical industries, in which people take advantage of respective characteristics of the metals, such as corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and workability.
We are also involved in the recovery or recyclable materials from customers, which are left over after our products are used, in our efforts to reuse resources.
We have earned the trust of customers as an environment-oriented trading company that makes the effort to consistently supply limited resources, thereby helping to ensure the sustainable development of society.

Characteristics of the metal ingot business

Over 70 years of history and trust イメージ写真

Over 70 years of history and trust

We can boast a history of more than 70 years of being involved in selling metal ingots. We still retain our main office in Tosabori where the Company was first founded. Our history and the positive outcomes we achieved there have won the thorough trust of our large number of customers.

As a global trading company イメージ写真

As a global trading company

OHGITANI expanded into Singapore in 1970 much earlier than many other “Monozukuri Nippon” manufacturing companies aiming to expand overseas. Our metal ingot business is involved in both the exporting and importing of zinc and lead ingots and recycled materials related to those metals, in particular, to and from South East Asian countries, so that we can make the most suitable materials available.

Product lineup

Zinc イメージ


Zinc has been used in brass, which is an alloy containing zinc and copper, from ancient times.
Nowadays, too, zinc is used in die casting and plating that protect steel products from rust via films, or as alloy materials in combination with other metals in a wide variety of applications, including surface treatment of automobiles and buildings and other parts.

Product lineup:Electrolytic zinc, distilled zinc, zinc alloys, die-cast zinc and recycled zinc

Lead イメージ


Lead has been used as a material for water service pipes and pigments since the Pre-Christian Era because of its low melting point and soft and workable properties. Nowadays, it is also used in batteries for automobiles, etc. Almost all Lead included in batteries is reused, which proves its high recyclability.

Product lineup:Electrolytic lead, recycled lead and litharge (lead monoxide)

Antimony イメージ


Antimony metal itself is fragile and relatively easy to break, however, due to its crystal structure, it can be used with base metals as an alloy mixed with other metals, and provides the property of increasing the strength of those base metals. This property is advantageous when making the electrodes of lead acid batteries, etc.

Product lineup:antimony ingots; antimony trioxide


Recycling resources

Any residue from galvanization or the melting process with electric furnaces can be eventually used as a raw material such as zinc ingot.

Product lineup:zinc dross; crude zinc oxide; etc.